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News & Notices

Samsung Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
donates USD 25 000
to the IUPAC Polymer Division

Samsung Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of South Korea (Mr. Hong-Sik Ko, President) has recently donated USD 25 000 to the IUPAC Polymer Division (Prof. Jung-Il Jin, Division President). The donation will be added to the Samsung Total Petrochemical Company Endowment fund that was originally funded with a USD 125 000 donation from Samsung in 2003.* The income from the Endowment Fund is used by the Polymer Division to support excellent researchers and students in polymer science, especially by providing opportunities for younger researchers and students from economically disadvantaged countries to attend IUPAC-sponsored conferences. The Fund is also used to support the educational projects of the Polymer Division with the intention of making them more accessible to researchers from economically disadvantaged countries.

For more information on the IUPAC Polymer Division and the Samsung Fund, please visit: <www.iupac.org/divisions/IV>.

* <www.iupac.org/publications/ci/2005/2704/iw3_samsung.html>



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