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IUPAC Wire | News and information on IUPAC, its fellows, and members organizations
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Nov-Dec 2013 | 2014 IUPAC-SOLVAY International Award for Young Chemists Announced
  | CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Atmospheric and Green Chemistry—Call for Nominations
  | DSM Materials Sciences Award 2014—Call for Nominations
  | Standard Atomic Weights Revised
  | 2013 International Chemistry Olympiad IUPAC Selects De Gruyter as Partner for its Scientific Publication
Sep-Oct 2013 | 2014 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry—Call for Nominations
  | IUPAC-Richter Prize—Call for Nominations
  | For Better Impact in Africa
  | New President and CEO at Chemical Heritage Foundation
  | Franzosini Award to Julia Schmitt
  | Student Physical Chemistry Cartoon Competition 2013 Prizewinners
Jul-Aug 2013 | Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members
  | Winners of 2013 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | Recipients of the IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Awards
  | Green Chemistry for Life
  | From Macro2012 to Macro2014
  | Thieme–IUPAC Prize 2014 Call for Nominations
  | Polymer International–IUPAC Award—Call for Nominations
  | Research Integrity—The Montreal Statement
  | ICSU Consults on Open Access
May-Jun 2013 | Nepal Joins IUPAC
  | Scientific Editor for Pure and Applied Chemistry—Call for Nominations
  | Call for Nominations for IUPAC International Award in Crop Protection Chemistry
  | Advancing Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences
  | Your Formula—Fresh Ideas for a Sustainable Future
  | In Memoriam: Anders J. Thor
Mar-Apr 2013 | Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members—Call for Nominations
  | IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering—Call for Nominations
  | Physical Chemistry Cartoon Student Competition 2013
  | Chemical World Tour
Jan-Feb 2013 | International Call for Proposals in Sustainable Chemistry
  | More Collaborations on the Horizon
  | Naofumi Koga Recognized as 2012 Emeritus Fellow
  | New Interactive Tools Demystify Science Behind Global Challenge
  | InChI Call for Supporters
  | IUPAC PChem Visits University of Tokyo
Nov-Dec 2012 | Young Chemists to the 44th IUPAC Congress
  | John D. Petersen Appointed IUPAC Executive Director
  | Mozambique and Argentina Join IUPAC as Full Members
  | Winners of 2012 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | Rachel O'Reilly Receives the 2012 IUPAC-Samsung Young Polymer Scientist Award
  | Second CHEMRAWN VII Prize Awarded to Rashmi Sanghi
  | Ian Mills Awarded IUPAP SUNAMCO Prize
  | Mark Cesa and James Economy Named ACS Fellows
Sep-Oct 2012 | Linking Science and Policy at Rio+20
  | ICSU Grants Programme 2013 Call for Applications
  | ICSU Issues Recommendations for Organizing International Scientific Meetings
  | CHF Catalyst Series on Women in Chemistry
  | The Global Young Academy Calls on Scientific Community to Promote Sustainability
  | In Memoriam
Jul-Aug 2012 | Flerovium and Livermorium Join the Periodic Table
  | Future Earth: Research for Global Sustainability
  | Lois Rossi to Receive the IUPAC International Award for Advances in Crop Protection Chemistry
  | 2012 Thieme–IUPAC Prize Awarded to Melanie S. Sanford
  | "G-Science" Statements Call for Action on Global Challenges
  | An IYC Periodic Table Project Unveiled
May-Jun 2012 | Klavs F. Jensen Wins First IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry
  | Third Polymer International-IUPAC Prize Awarded to Ali Khademhosseini
  | Stephen Hanessian to Receive 2012 IUPAC-Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry
  | IUPAC Elections for the 2014–2015 Term
  | Metrology for Safety
  | In Memoriam—Professor Herbert D. Kaesz
Jan-Feb 2012 | Sustainable Energy for All
  | The 2012 International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) Comes to Washington, D.C.
  | InChI 1.04
  | Possible Changes to The International System of Units
  | Michael Blackburn Awarded 2011 Arbuzovs Prize
  | Gold Book PDF
  | 2012–2013 IUPAC Bureau Membership
Nov-Dec 2011 | Malta Conferences Foundation Established
  | ICSU and Rio+20
  | CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Atmospheric and Green Chemistry
  | IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry
  | How Youth Drive Change
  | The World’s Largest-Ever Chemistry Experiment
Sep-Oct 2011 | 2012 Thieme–IUPAC Prize—Call for Nominations
  | 2012 IUPAC Richter-Prize—Call for Nominations
  | Crop Protection Chemistry Award Reminder
  | James Flack Norris Award to Peter Mahaffy
  | In Memoriam
Jul-Aug 2011 | Discovery of the Elements with Atomic Numbers 114 and 116
  | Winners of the 2011 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | In Memoriam
  | Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members
May-Jun 2011 | IYC 2011 Keeps Rolling
  | Big Splash for the IYC Global Water Experiment
  | On 20 May, Celebrate World Metrology Day
  | Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members—Call for Nominations
  | Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development Meeting
  | Third Polymer-International-IUPAC Award 2012—Call for Nominations
Mar-Apr 2011 | Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time by Mary Garson
  | The Year Begins
  | On Your Marks, Get Wet, Ready, Go!
  | African Journal of Chemical Education
  | Crop Protection Chemistry Award—Call for Nominations
  | Tribute to Pavel - Kratochvil by Michael Robert Hess and Máximo Barón
  | In Memoriam: Joachim Meissner
  | IUPAC Gold Book Online
Nov-Dec 2010 | Organization Launched to Solve the Name Ambiguity Problem In Scholarly Research
  | 2011 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists Announced
  | IUPAC Pilot Call for Proposals in Polymer Chemistry
  | Two Franzosini Awards in 2010
  | Inviting Young Chemists to the 43rd IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico
Sep-Oct 2010 | Naming Ceremony for Element 112 in Darmstadt
  | InChI 1.03 Released
  | Noureddine Yassaa Awarded the 2010 CHEMRAWN VII Prize
  | A 60-Year-Old Journal Reborn
  | IUPAC/ACS 2011 Challenge Grants
  | The IUPAC–Jiang Novel Materials Youth Prize
  | In Memoriam: Gerard Rieck
Jul-Aug 2010 | IUPAC Announces Winners of the 2010 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | IUPAC and InChI Trust Agree Upon Conditions for Collaboration
  | Denis Hamilton to Receive the First International Award for Advances in Crop Protection Chemistry
  | Nominations Requested for Members of IUPAC Divisions and Commissions
May-Jun 2010 | 2010 Thieme–IUPAC Prize Awarded to Phil S. Baran
  | Han E.H. Meijer Garners 2010 DSM Performance Materials Award
  | Arun K. Ghosh is Awarded the 2010 IUPAC–Richter Prize
  | L’Oréal–UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2010 Announced
  | In Memoriam: Ari Horvath
Mar-Apr 2010 | Happy Birthday Copernicus
  | Terrence Renner Appointed IUPAC Executive Director
  | David Moore Named 2009 LANL Fellow
  | Molly Stevens Receives Polymer International–IUPAC
Award 2009
  | Materials Chemistry: a Stronger Role within IUPAC
  | International Year of Biodiversity
  | In Memoriam—Itaru Mita
Jan-Feb 2010 | IUPAC Welcomes New Members
  | Chemical Heritage Foundation Fellowships
  | New Leadership at IOCD
  | CrossRef Invites You to its Labs
  | Primary Data for Chemistry
  | Major Update to IYC Website Completed
  | In Memoriam: Pan Ming Huang (1934–2009) by Antonio Violante
Sep-Oct 2009 | IUPAC Funding Opportunities in International Polymer Chemistry
  | Gold Book Update
  | IUPAC Members Recognized at Pittcon
  | Thieme-IUPAC Prize—Call for Nominations
  | CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Atmospheric and Green Chemistry
  | InChI Trust
Jul-Aug 2009 | Discovery of the Element with Atomic Number 112
  | 2009 Winners of the IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists Announced
  | RSC Acquires ChemSpider
  | Marking the Centenary of Houben-Weyl
  | PI-IUPAC Award 2009—Call for Nominations
  | Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members
May-Jun 2009 | IUPAC President Publicizes the International Year of Chemistry
  | L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards Bestowed Upon Five Exceptional Women Scientists
  | Javier Garcia Martinez Named a Young Global Leader
  | Deliang Chen Takes the Helm at ICSU
Mar-Apr 2009 | UN Declares 2011 as International Year of Chemistry
  | IUPAC Executive Director Search
  | Val Metanomski Remembered
  | In Memorium
Jan-Feb 2009 | Yuan Tseh Lee to Be President of the International Council for Science
  | Leading Scientific Organization Affirms Freedom, Responsibility, and the Universality of Science
  | Remembering Dana Knox
  | Chemical Heritage Foundation Fellowships
  | The Royal Society of Chemistry and ChemSpider to Develop InChI Resolver
Nov-Dec 2008 | CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Atmospheric and Green Chemistry
  | Inviting Young Chemists to the 42nd IUPAC Congress in Glasgow
  | XML Gold Book—2.0 release
Sep-Oct 2008 | Making an imPACt
  | PAC Text Indexed on ChemSpider
  | Craig Hawker Wins DSM Performance Materials Award
  | Le VIM Nouveau Est Arrivé!
Jul-Aug 2008 | Zhenan Bao Awarded First Polymer International-IUPAC Award
  | IUPAC Announces 2008 Winners of the IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | Jan Heeres Awarded the 2008 IUPAC-Richter Prize
  | F. Dean Toste Wins 2008 Thieme-IUPAC Prize
May-Jun 2008 | Peter Mahaffy Awarded 3M Canada Teaching Fellowship
  | Pieter S. Steyn Receives Science for Society Gold Medal
  | Chemical Heritage Foundation Produces Distillations
Mar-Apr 2008 | Water in the Gaza Strip
  | Luis Oro to become EuChemMS President
Jan-Feb 2008 | Polymer International–IUPAC Award 2008: Call for Nominations
  | IUPAC InChIKey Project Joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance
  | Chemical Heritage Foundation Names Thomas R. Tritton President
  | Zafra Lerman Receives George Brown Award for International Scientific Collaboration
  | In Memoriam: The Oldest Active Chemist Dies at the Age of Nearly One Hundred
Nov-Dec 2007 | Performance Materials: A Symposium and New Award
  | 2008 IUPAC–Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry: Call for Nominations
  | IUPAC to Support the International Chemistry Olympiad
- A Report on the 39th International Chemistry Olympiad by V. Lunin, N. Tarasova, and E. Lokteva
  | Standard Atomic Weights Revised
Release of InChl Version 1.02 beta;
  | Introducing InChlKey
  | Chemical Risk Assessment Methodology
  | A Tribute to Professor Aubrey D. Jenkins by Michael Hess
Sep-Oct 2007 | Great Demand for Analogue-Based Drug Discovery Results in Reprint
  | Jürgen Gmehling Awarded the 2008 Rossini Lecture
Jul-Aug 2007 | 2007 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | Election of IUPAC Officers
  | Highlights of the Executive Committee Meeting
  | ChemZoo Announces the Release of the ChemSpider Service
May-Jun 2007 | Margaret Brimble Wins Major International Award
  | RSC Publishing Launches Project Prospect
  | Call for IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
Mar-Apr 2007 | Chemists Gather in Budapest for the 1st European Chemistry Congress
  | Javier Garcia Martinez Wins Silver Medal of the European Young Chemist Award
  | Observatory on Intellectual Property
  | 2006 CODATA Prize Awarded to John Rumble
  | Samsung Total Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Donates USD 25 000 to the IUPAC Polymer Division
  | Celebrating the Naming of Element 111
  | In Memoriam 
Nov-Dec 2006 | > index
Young Chemists to the 41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress
  | The XML Gold Book online
  | IUPAC Elections for 2008-2009 Term
  | Industry and IUPAC Meeting Halfway
  | IUPAC President Attends the International Chemistry Olympiad
  | InChI 1.01
  | Dewen Zeng Receives the 2006 Franzosini Award
    > IBC;IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
Sep-Oct 2006 | > index
Malcom F.G. Stevens is Awarded the First IUPC-Ritcher Prize
  | Capacity Building in Science
  | Four Awards, One Passion: Chemistry
  | In Memoriam - Allan Ure
  | Safety Training Program - Call for Host Companies
Jul-Aug 2006 | > index
2006 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists
  | COCI Corner
  | Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Southern Africa
  | Memorandum on Cooperation with UNESCO
May-Jun 2006 | > OBC; pdf -50KB
David W.C. MacMillan is to be awarded the 2006 Thieme-IUPAC Prize
Mar-Apr 2006 | Alexandra Navrotsky Awarded the 2006 Rossini Lecture
  | The Year of...
  | Safety Training Program —Call for Applicants
  | ACD/Labs ’ Free Naming Software Service Generates 200 000 IUPAC Names via the Web
  | Chmoogle Search Engine Integrates ChemSketch
  | In Memorium —Dale B.Baker
Jan-Feb 2006 | 37th International Chemistry Olympiad 2005
  | Essential to You
  | Two New CAs Join IUPAC
  | Strengthening International Science—A Recurring Catchphrase from ICSU
Nov-Dec 2005 | IUPAC–Samsung Education Prize for 2005
  | IUPAC–Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry
  | Standard Atomic Weights Revised
  | New CAs Join IUPAC
  | IUPAC Poster Prizes Awarded in Denmark
  | Fullerene Nomenclature: A Letter from Stanley S. Brown
Sep-Oct 2005 | Lida Schoen Made Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau
  | Address to Younger Chemists
  | In Memorium: Jacques-Emile Dubois (1920–2005)
Jul-Aug 2005 | Freedom to Publish by Wendy Warr
  | InChl 1.0 Release
  | Samsung Funds IUPAC Programs for Young Chemists
  | 2005 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
  | Honoring A Hero: A Letter from Oliver Sacks
  | IUPAC Elections
May-Jun 2005 | The IUPAC Poster Prize Program
  | Making an imPACt
  | Coplen Honored
  | Subcommittee Members Teach Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry
  | Remembering Two Prominent IUPAC Members
Mar-Apr 2005 | COCI Campaigns for the Company Associates Program
  | Piet Steyn Wins One of South Africa’s Highest Science Awards
  | First ICSU Regional Meeting for Africa
Jan-Feb 2005 | Element 111 is Named Roentgenium
  | From Macro to Poly
  | Young Chemists to the 40th IUPAC Congress
Nov-Dec 2004 | Young Observers Going to Beijing
  | Marian Góral Received the 2004 Franzosini Award
  | International Year of Physics, 2005
Sep-Oct 2004 | Elections for 2006–2007 Terms
  | IUPAC Poster Prizes
  | Off-Year Meetings
Jul-Aug 2004 | Executive Committee Looks at IUPAC’s Role in the World
  | 2004 Winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
May-Jun 2004 | 2004 Thieme—IUPAC Prize in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  | Strong Science and Technology Capacity—A Necessity for Every Nation
  | New Best Estimates of the Values of the Fundamental Constants by Ian Mills
Mar-Apr 2004 | IUPAC Officers Meet with Chemistry Leaders in Kazan
Jan-Feb 2004 | FECS 2003 Award for Service Presented to Leiv Sydnes
  | IACT Gains Associated Organization Status
Nov-Dec 2003 | Samsung Gives Gift to the IUPAC Macromolecular Division
  | Pirketta Scharlin Received the 2003 Franzosini Award
  | Letters from Readers
What if All Chemists Went on Strike? by Armand Lattes
Sep-Oct 2003 | Element 110 is Named Darmstadtium
  | Hendrik van Eck Medal Awarded to IUPAC President
  | IOCD Marks 20th Anniversary by Presenting Pierre Crabbé Award to Three African Scientists
  | The Chemical Society of Japan Celebrates 125 Years
  | Mostafa El-Sayed Celebrates 70th Birthday by Stephan Link
  | Reviewing Proposals for NSF Grants
  | Letters from Readers
Jul-Aug 2003 | IUPAC Announces Prize Winners
  | Highlights of the Executive Committee Meeting
  | IUPAC Funds Three Conferences to be Held in 2004 in Developing and Disadvantaged Countries
  | Bio-Unions to Pursue Science for Health and Well-Being
  | Methods of Analysis and Sampling of Food Products
  | IUPAC Elections
May-Jun 2003 | Countdown to Ottawa
  | David Shaw Appointed to J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data Editorial Board
  | Data for Science and Technology
  | Physical and Engineering Science in Health Care
  | Boletin Electronico Latinamericano
Mar-Apr 2003 | It’s a Chemical World–A Poster Competition
  | John Prausnitz Awarded the 2002 Rossini Lecture
  | Freedom of Access to Primary Experimental Data
  | Maintaining the Permanent Availability of the Digital Records of Science
Jan-Feb 2003 | Young Observers Describe Experiences
Nov-Dec 2002 | The Address is
Sep-Oct 2002 | Young Chemists to the 39th IUPAC Congress, Ottawa, August 2003
  | Chemical Education International
  | The "Orange Book" Online
  | IUPAC-Empfehlungen
Jul-Aug 2002 | 2002 Winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
  | The Analytical Chemistry Division
May-Jun 2002 | The World Chemistry Congress 2001 and the Young Scientist Awards
  | Relocating to Cyberspace
Mar-Apr 2002 | Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
  | Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation
Jan-Feb 2002 | Whither Green Chemistry? A Look at CHEMRAWN XIV 
  | New Paid Affiliate Members Mean More Sponsored Affiliates in Developing Countries

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