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Physical Chemistry (I)

Commission on Thermodynamics (I.2)

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Annual meeting 2000, brief summary

Summary of Minutes of Commission Meeting at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 5-6 August 2000

Twenty-two members of the Commission on Thermodynamics (I.2), including national representatives and observers, met for two days of discussions during the 16th IUPAC Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics.

Several projects had been completed and the results published, including the following: Conductivities, Transference Numbers, and Limiting Ionic Conductivities of Solutions of Aprotic Protophobic Solvents, by J. Barthel and R. Neueder, II. Carbonates, Dechema Chemistry Data Series, Vol. XII, Part 1d; and Theory of Equations of State for Fluids and Fluid Mixtures, edited by J. V. Sengers et al. (Elsevier, September 2000).

In addition, there are several projects that are close to completion. Part 1e in the series Conductivities, Transference Numbers, and Limiting Ionic Conductivities of Solutions of Aprotic Protophobic Solvents: III Various Solvents; and Parts 1e: I. Amides and 1f : II. Various Solvents in the series Conductivities, Transference Numbers, and Limiting Ionic Conductivities of Solutions of Protophilic Solvents, by J. Barthel and R. Neueder, are in preparation. A volume on Vapor Pressures, Osmotic, and Activity Coefficients of Nonaqueous Solutions is also in preparation. M. A. V. Ribeiro da Silva presented a final draft of Thermochemistry of Chemical Reactions. Publication is planned in the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics and in Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), following the IUPAC publication procedure. Changes to the manuscript on 'Legendre transforms in chemical thermodynamics' have been agreed upon by Prof. Alberty and Prof. Schiffrin (Commission I.3), and the revised manuscript has been submitted to PAC and to the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. Experimental Thermodynamics Volume VI. Measurement of the Thermodynamic Properties of Single Phases, Editors: A. R. H. Goodwin, K. Marsh, and W. A. Wakeham; and Volume VII. Measurement of the Properties of Multiple Phases, Editors: T. W. de Loos and R. D. Weir are well advanced. It was anticipated that all sections would be completed by the end of 2000, by which time it was hoped that the problem of finding an alternative publisher to Blackwell Science will have been resolved. I. Wadsö presented a revised manuscript entitled 'Standards in Isothermal Microcalorimetery', which will be submitted following the IUPAC procedure for publication. Della Gatta presented his final draft of 'Standards for Differential Scanning Calorimetry'. After further discussion at the August 2000 ICTAC meeting in Copenhagen, this paper was also to be submitted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Thermochimica Acta, and Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis. Possible new projects discussed included 'Guidelines for publication of equations of state II. Mixtures' (U. K. Deiters) and 'Global phase diagrams of fluid mixtures' (U. K. Deiters and T. M. Boublik).

It was reported that the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics had a steady increase in the number of manuscripts submitted, with 152 papers accepted in 1999 and a journal size of 1 644 pages. M. A. White announced that there would be more than 500 participants at the 16th IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT) to be held 6-11 August 2000 in Halifax (see symposia report), with 120 accompanying persons, from a total of 42 countries and in excess of 500 presentations in 8 parallel oral sessions. The Commission members approved plans for the 17th ICCT, which will be held 28 July-2 August 2002, in Rostock, Germany (see conference announcement). The invitation of Prof. Hai-Ke Yan to host the 18th ICCT in Beijing, China 22 -27 August 2004 was officially accepted. A diskette will be prepared to supplement the Guidebook for Organizers of IUPAC ICCTs to assist prospective organizers of these meetings.

The Subcommittee on Thermodynamic Data has been active in the following areas: In the series of publications on Critical Compilation of Vapor Liquid Critical Properties, 'Part 7. Oxygen Compounds other than Alkanols and Cycloalkanols' has been submitted for publication in the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. Completion of the work on nitrogen-containing compounds, on halogenated compounds, and on polyfunctional compounds is planned for late 2001. Publication of Vol. 14 (Benzene) and Vol. 15 (Carbon Dioxide) in the series on International Thermodynamic Tables of the Fluid State (Project Leader, W. A. Wakeham) is expected in 2001. The first workshop of the project on 'Thermochemical, thermodynamic, and transport properties of halogenated alkanes and their mixtures' was very successfully organized by Prof. Matteoli in Pisa 15-18 December 1999 (see report in CI, Vol. 22, No. 6, p. 162, 2000). There were 88 participants, with 8 invited lectures, 28 oral, and 34 poster presentations. The scope of this meeting was quite general, with a concluding roundtable discussion to identify the key systems and topics for future work. Eighteen selected papers will be published later this year in a special issue of Fluid Phase Equilibria, with Matteoli and Deiters as Guest Editors. The second workshop will be held 9-11 April 2001 in Fontainebleau, France, and will be organized by Dominique Richon (see announcement in CI, Vol. 23, No. 1, p. 25, 2001). Selected papers will be published in Fluid Phase Equilibria, with J. Dymond and D. Richon as Guest Editors. A. Heintz reported the intention to start a new project on Ionic Liquids (low-temperature organic molten salts). It is proposed to produce a supplement to the two volumes on Heat Capacity of Liquids, published as Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data Monograph 6 in 1996.

The Subcommittee on Transport Properties met in Boulder, Colorado, USA in June 2000. More than 30 people attended, and there were 8 scientific presentations. The next meeting of the Subcommittee will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece in September 2001. Under the heading 'Definitive correlation of transport properties of fluids', work has been completed on the 'Viscosity of toluene at atmospheric pressure/saturation line'; 'Viscosity of toluene as a function of pressure'; and 'Viscosity of isobutane'. Work is continuing on 'Viscosity of liquid water'; 'Transport properties of methane + ethane'; 'Transport properties of butane'; 'Viscosity and thermal conductivity of water and steam'; 'Viscosity of pentane'; 'Viscosity of cyclopentane'; and 'Viscosity of alkali chlorides'. New subprojects include 'Thermal conductivity of isobutane' and 'Correlation of thermal conductivity of R134a'.

Recent publications under the auspices of the Subcommittee include the following: E. Vogel, C. Kuchenmeister, E. Bich. 'Viscosity correlation for isobutane over wide ranges of the fluid region', International Journal of Thermophysics 21, 343-357 (2000); M. J. Assael, E. Bekou, D. Giakoumakis, D. G. Friend, M. A. Killeen, J. Millat, A. Nagashima. 'Experimental data for the viscosity and thermal conductivity of water and steam', Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 29, 141-166 (2000); M. J. Assael, A. Leipertz, E. MacPherson, Y. Nagasaka, C. A. Nieto de Castro, R. A. Perkins, K. Strom, E. Vogel, W. A. Wakeham. 'Transport property measurements on the IUPAC sample of R134a', International Journal of Thermophysics 21, 1-22 (2000).

It was agreed to set up a Commission web site to advertise conferences and current projects, to list publications, to provide links to educational tools, to give information on databases, and to provide an opportunity for comment on new proposals and suggestions for feasibility studies. In order to continue the important work of the Commission after 2001, it was resolved to set up an International Committee on Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT). It was agreed that:

    • The main role of this Committee would be to act as an Advisory Board for the biennial IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics.
    • The ICCT would engage in project-based activities. Committee meetings would provide an opportunity for discussion of ongoing projects, of feasibility studies of other proposed projects, and of ideas for new projects.
    • The Committee would assume responsibility for and coordinate the activities of the two existing subcommittees of Commission I.2, viz. Thermodynamic Data and Transport Properties.
    • The Committee should actively seek to offer its expertise to science and technology. The intention is to approach industry to inform them about the activities of the Committee and to seek funding from companies so that the Committee can be financially independent.
    • The membership of the Committee for the period until the 17th ICCT in Rostock, Germany in August 2002, should comprise the present members of Commission I.2, with Prof. R. D. Weir as Chairman and Dr. John Dymond as Secretary.

It was further agreed to approach the Physical Chemistry Division Committee to determine whether the ICCT could become a committee of the Division Committee. The Chairman thanked all members of the Commission for their contributions and looked forward to the next meeting of the Commission in Brisbane, Australia in June/July 2001. As attendance was expected to be restricted to Titular Members in view of the cost of travel, it was suggested that members of the subcommittees might meet in Europe before the General Assembly.

John Dymond
IUPAC Commission on Thermodynamics I.2

> Summary published in Chem. Int. 23(2), 2001

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