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Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division (III)

Commission on Photochemistry (III.3)

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Annual meeting 2000, brief summary

Summary of Minutes of Commission Meeting at Dresden, Germany, 26-27 July 2000. To begin the meeting, the current agenda and the minutes of the 1999 meeting held 8-9 August 1999 in Berlin were approved.

Future of Commission on Photochemistry

At the end of 2001, the IUPAC Commission on Photochemistry (III.3) will cease to exist. National Representatives will also cease to hold positions within IUPAC at this time. Dr. Silvia Braslavsky will continue thereafter as a member of the Organic Chemistry Division (the Division in which Commission III.3 resides). She will be the only member of our community specifically designated to treat issues and projects related to the photosciences within IUPAC.

As a means to ensure the continued active involvement of the photosciences community within IUPAC, to maintain an effective and active dialogue with the greater chemical community that IUPAC encompasses, and to aid Dr. Braslavsky in her efforts to represent the photochemical community’s interests within IUPAC, the chairman will invite the three photochemical societies EPA, JPA, and I-APS to establish a formally constituted and charged committee to provide integrated advice and guidance on the state, future direction, and integration of the photosciences. This committee should identify projects for future publications in the IUPAC media and the eminent scientists who could lead such projects.

It is essential that S. Braslavsky be positioned directly under the Bureau to allow interactions with all Divisions of IUPAC. She was to submit a strategic plan to the Bureau in September 2000.

Manuscripts Planned to be Submitted to Pure and Applied Chemistry

A paper entitled 'Organic photochromism' by Henri Bouas-Laurent and Heinz Dürr will be finalized in the near future to accommodate the comments by the members of the Commission and by the IDCNS (received after the meeting on August 10) and will be submitted for publication as a Technical Report.

A second draft of a paper entitled 'Space- and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and photochemistry' by H. Yoshikawa and H. Masuhara was distributed. Comments by Commission members are to be sent directly to H. Masuhara to reach him until 10 October 2000.

A Technical Report entitled 'Figures of merit for the technical development and application of advanced oxidation technologies for both electric- and solar-driven systems' by J. R. Bolton, K. G. Bircher, W. Tumas, and C. A. Tolman is currently being revised after IDCNS review.

A Technical Report by J. R. Bolton on UV disinfection is in preparation. Projects Inititated or Planned • A revised critical compilation of actinometry standards, including those in the gas phase and operating in the vacuum ultraviolet region, will be prepared by A. Braun and E. Oliveros, in collaboration with others to be named later.

  • D. Phillips (head), Antonio Tedesco, and others to be named later will be asked to write a report on 'Photodynamic therapy'.
  • A report dealing with 'Supramolecular photochemistry' will be initiated by V. Ramamurthy (head), V. Balzani, M. Irie, J. Scheffer, and R. G. Weiss.
  • A project entitled 'Single molecule spectroscopy' led by F. de Schryver has been approved (Project No. 2000-012-1-300).
  • An update to the 'Glossary of terms used in photochemistry' by J. W. Verhoeven et al., PAC, Vol. 68, pp. 2223-2286 (1996), will be compiled by A. U. Acuña-Fernandez in collaboration with Silvia Braslavsky and J. R. Bolton. V. Parmon and A. Fujishima may contribute topics related to photocatalysis.
  • D. C. Neckers will submit a proposal entitled 'Polymer photochemistry'.
  • Plans to initiate a report on photolithography were abandoned; the frontiers of this research are mostly not in the public domain.
  • A suggestion by S. Icli to write a report on 'Photochemistry under concentrated sunlight' was discussed. The topic appeared not to be suitable for a Technical Report.

Jakob Wirz
Secretary, IUPAC Commission on Photochemistry III.3


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