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Minutes of 73rd Meeting of Bureau
14 August 1999, Berlin, Germany

Attendees: Prof. J. Jortner, Chairman, Dr. E. D. Becker, Prof. J. Bradley, Prof. A. Chakravorty, Prof. J. Corish, Prof. T. Cvitaš, Prof. A. E. Fischli, Prof. R. G. Gilbert, Prof. E. J. Grzywa, Dr. A. Hayes, Prof. F. Ingman, Prof. J. W. Lorimer, Prof. J. Miyamoto, Prof. N. J. Moreau, Prof. O. Nefedov, Dr. P. M. Norling, Prof. H. Ohtaki, Prof. U. K. Pandit, Dr. E. P. Przybylowicz, Prof. G. M. Schneider, Prof. G. Somsen, Prof. P. S. Steyn, Prof. J. M. Ward, Dr. A. N. Wright, Prof. C. H. Zhang

Absent: Prof. L. Sydnes, Prof. G. C. Wermuth

Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost, Executive Director

Prof. Jortner welcomed the new members to their first Bureau meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to elect a new member of the Executive Committee from among the Elected Members of the Bureau. Prof. Jortner proposed Prof. Sydnes as a candidate and asked if there were any other nominations. There were no other nominations. Prof. Sydnes was then unanimously elected in a secret ballot.

There was no other business discussed.

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