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Minutes of 72nd Meeting of Bureau
11-12 August 1999, Berlin, Germany


1. Introductory Remarks and Finalization of Agenda
Prof. Jortner opened the meeting by thanking the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker for inviting the General Assembly and Congress to Berlin. He offered the congratulations of the Bureau and the Union to the GDCh on the 50th Anniversary of its refounding. Prof. Jortner noted the progress made in the past biennium on the work of the Union. He noted especially the adoption of a Strategic Plan, the initiation of changes in the organization and management of IUPAC's scientific work, the establishment of procedures for project approval and evaluation, the continuing excellence of the Union's scientific work, and the continuing efforts to increase the impact of IUPAC on chemistry and society. There were no changes to the proposed agenda.

2. Minutes of 71st Meeting of Bureau

2.1 Matters Arising from Minutes (not covered by Items on Agenda)

There were no items arising from the Minutes of the 71st Bureau meeting not on the Agenda.
Prof. Somsen asked if Item 7 of the Bureau Minutes regarding the Division Presidents meeting would be discussed. Dr. Becker noted that the subject had been discussed at the Division President's Meeting on Monday and that a report was in preparation.

The Minutes of the 71st Meeting of the Bureau were approved.

3. Minutes of 126th Meeting of Executive Committee
The Minutes of the 126th Meeting of the Executive Committee were received by the Bureau. Prof. Jortner noted some of the highlights from the Minutes of the Executive Committee, including the Vice President's Critical Assessment and the Workshop on Advanced Materials held in Hong Kong this past July. Prof. Somsen noted his appreciation of the decision by the EC to extend distribution of Chemistry International to IUPAC Fellows indefinitely. He then asked what decisions had been made concerning the projects submitted to ICSU for funding. Dr. Becker replied that the project on Biodiversity Workshops, submitted to ICSU in the greater than USD 50000 category, had been denied by ICSU. IUPAC had agreed to fund part of the costs of this project in 1999 from central funds, with the remainder to be funded form divisional funds. The three projects submitted in the less than USD 50000 category had been funded by ICSU for a total of USD 7000. Discussions were in progress to decide how to allocate this money.
Prof. Corish noted that the Working Party on Priority Claims for Elements 110-112 had completed its work. A report on its findings had been drafted and after further consultation would be published. Item 31 of the Executive Committee Minutes should be corrected to show that the next step will be taken by the Commission on Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry (CNIC), not by a Task Group. There were no questions about other items not on the Agenda.

4. Approval of Basic Elements for Council Meeting
Dr. Becker noted the change in the total number of votes assigned to delegations due to the nonpayment by the Pakistan Chemical Society of its 1998 National Subscription. He then reviewed the voting procedures to be used during the Council Meeting. He noted that the bylaws require separate ballots for each Officer. In order to save time in the process the ballots for the three Officers will be distributed simultaneously and the voting carried out concurrently since there are no contests for the Secretary General and Treasurer positions. The Bureau approved the appointment of Dr. S. Langer, nonvoting secretary of the United Kingdom delegation, and Dr. J. Morton, nonvoting secretary of the Canadian delegation, as Tellers, along with the Treasurer, Prof. J. M. Ward. The Bureau then approved a recommendation to Council that elections be held at 10 AM on Saturday (14 August 1999).

5. Nominations and Elections [Council Item 4]
Dr. Becker reviewed the candidates for Officers and the Bureau. The effect of the election of each of the candidates for Vice President on the election of members to the Bureau was described. He pointed out that the bylaws require that there be at least ten elected members of the Bureau. The Bureau may decide to increase the number of elected members if it wishes.
Prof. Jortner commented that the Union had been making efforts to increase its geographical spread. With the increase in the number of National Adhering Organizations and the increase in the work expected from Bureau members, it might be reasonable to increase the number of elected members by one or two. There was a general discussion of the advisability of increasing the number of elected members to its previous number of twelve, or to eleven as a compromise. The consensus was that a change was not now warranted. The question will be reconsidered at the next General Assembly.
Prof. Jortner asked if there were any additional nominees for Vice President, Secretary General, or Treasurer. Prof. Ward reviewed the qualifications of Dr. Buxtorf, the nominee for Treasurer. There were no additional nominations.
Prof. Jortner asked if there were any nominations for the Bureau. There were none.
Prof. Jortner asked if the Bureau wished to make any recommendations to the Council on any of the elections. The Bureau did not wish to make any recommendations.

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