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Minutes of 72nd Meeting of Bureau
11-12 August 1999, Berlin, Germany


Dr. Jost reviewed the experience of self-publishing Chemistry International in 1999. Costs have been significantly lower than when CI was published by Blackwell. In addition, CI now is on schedule to be delivered to subscribers in the issue month. The content of the magazine has been improved by including special articles on topics of general interest. CI is also available online on the IUPAC web site at no charge. The positive experience in publishing CI has given us confidence in the proposal to publish Pure and Applied Chemistry without an official publisher.

Pure and Applied Chemistry continues to be published behind the issue date. The July issue is expected to be published in September. The expectation is that PAC will not be back on schedule until early in 2000. The journal is no longer printed from camera ready manuscript, but is being typeset using desktop publishing technology. The table of contents of each issue is now available on the IUPAC web site as soon as the issue is published.

A special mailing was made to a list provided by the editor of the special issue on Oil Spill Technology. This has resulted in a number of orders for single copies. Orders continue to be received for the special issue on Environmental Oestrogens.

A number of books were published in 1998-9. The best seller continues to be the "Principles of Chemical Nomenclature".

Dr. Warr reviewed the work of the Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications. She noted that because the Secretariat was now in a position to handle the operational issues regarding publications the Committee was concentrating on policy issues. These issues include the decision to selfpublish PAC, the strategy to be followed in deciding prices for 2000, and how the Union would approach electronic publishing.

Dr. Warr described the analysis that had led to the recommendation to the Bureau and the EC to publish PAC without an official publisher. As was described in the material prepared for the meeting, copy editing for PAC will be done by a free lance copy editor while printing and distribution will be done by Cadmus Journal Services at their Maryland, USA facility. The Secretariat has added a new staff member to handle new responsibilities such as producing subscriber mailing lists, invoicing and payment collection, and subscriber services.

CPEP plans to have a study completed by the end of 1999 recommending how the Union should proceed in making PAC available electronically. The key issue is pricing in relation to the print version.

Dr. Y. Wolman, chairman of the PAC Editorial Advisory Board reported to CPEP that the Board had decided to look at how the quality of the material from IUPAC sponsored conferences printed in PAC could be improved. Prof. Jortner reminded the Division Presidents present that choosing divisional representatives to the PAC-EAB was an important responsibility in view of the planned more active role of the EAB. Dr. Wolman was asked to write a description of the role he expected the EAB to take in the future.

An official publisher is being sought for IUPAC books, especially the nomenclature books. No successful candidate has yet been found. In the interim, books are being handled on a case by case basis. A number of books planned for publication by Blackwell have already been placed with other publishers. Dr. Warr noted that there was still a question as to the accuracy of the data supplied by Blackwell regarding the backlist. Dr. Becker reported receiving a suggestion that in the future a copy of each book published by the Union could be sent to each NAO and ANAO, particularly those in developing and economically disadvantaged countries. The Executive Director was asked to look at the cost of implementing this suggestion.

Dr. Warr discussed the considerations that had led the Committee to recommend the price structure shown below for PAC and CI.

Subscriptions Prices for IUPAC Publications - 2000


Pure and Applied Chemistry

Institutional Subscription USD 1 166; one year
  USD 999; per year for three years
Personal Subscription USD 99; one year
Individual Copies USD 50


Chemistry International

Institutional Subscription USD 99; one year
Personal Subscription USD 45; one year
Individual Copies USD 15

The three year subscription option for Pure and Applied Chemistry guarantees a subscription price of USD 999 per year for a three year subscription commitment. Each year will be billed separately.

The price for PAC is the same as it was for 1999, while that for CI is a reduction. The introduction of the three year option will allow the Union to generate some favorable publicity and draw attention to its publication policies. CPEP plans to issue a press release to draw attention to this dramatic pricing move.

The suggestion was made that the ANAOs be given a free subscription to PAC. This would help to make PAC more widely available in developing and economically disadvantaged countries and might make ANAO status more attractive. Dr. Becker suggested that a free copy of CI might be supplied to each library subscribing to PAC. The Executive Director was asked to look at the costs of implementing these suggestions and to consult CPEP for advice.

Dr. Jost reported that Prof. Bull in his discussions with the PAC-EAB and CPEP had noted that two special issues were planned for late 1999 or early 2000. The first was an outgrowth of WAM-1 while the second was a joint effort by Divisions III and VI on sustainable chemistry. Prof. Bull has had discussions with most of the Division Committees to encourage them to suggest topics for future special issues. Prof. Fischli proposed that a special issue might be published on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms as food sources.

Dr. Becker noted that the original suggestion for a supplement had been made with a view to capturing the information available at the Oxford Secretariat before operations were moved to North Carolina. Prof. Stan Brown had produced a manuscript that took the history of the Union through 1998. Considering the major issues regarding the Union's organization and operations to be decided at this General Assembly, it was now felt that the Supplement should cover through 1999. It was planned to have the Secretariat staff complete the manuscript for publication in 2000.

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