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Minutes of 72nd Meeting of Bureau
11-12 August 1999, Berlin, Germany

7. Changes to Statutes and Bylaws [Council Item 16]
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8. Continuation/Dissolution of Existing IUPAC Bodies, Proposals for New and Reconstituted Bodies/Terms of Reference [Council Item 17]
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    8.1 Continuation of Existing Commissions

    8.2 Terms of Reference for Project Committee and Evaluation Committee

    8.3 Revised Terms of Reference for JCBN
    Agenda Items 7 and 8 were discussed as one item.

    Dr. Becker reviewed the change being requested in Bylaw 4.307. The need to obtain Council approval to make the Project Committee and the Evaluation Committee Standing Committees was noted. The changes proposed in the Terms of Reference of the Joint Committee on Biochemical Nomenclature were discussed. The Joint Committee will be continued for two years. Its further continuation after 2001 will be discussed with the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
    Prof. Corish reported to the group the general support of the Division Committee of Division II for the continuation of the work of the Commission on Atomic Weights. There was a discussion as to the desirability of including this as part of the assignment of the proposed ad hoc Committee on Strategy for Chemical Nomenclature. The consensus was that this issue was best addressed by a proposal from the Commission that explained why its work could not be carried out in the new format.

    9. Proposals Formally Received from National Adhering Organizations [Council Item 18]
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    9.1 Proposal Received from UK
    Dr. Becker reviewed the UK resolution, noting that while the sense of the resolution is that work in certain areas should be continued, the exact wording creates difficulties. Dr. Hayes described the origins of the UK resolution. The group discussed the resolution and came to the conclusion that the aim of the UK resolution could be best met by a Bureau Policy Statement. Prof. Corish was asked to draft such a statement. This draft, with some modifications, was adopted unanimously by the Bureau (see Attachment 3).

    9.2 Proposal received from Slovak Republic
    The proposal from the Slovak Republic was seen as covering two areas. The first was similar to the UK resolution, a desire to ensure that activities in certain key areas be continued in the new system. The second was a comment on the Strategic Plan.

    9.3 Proposal received from Nordick Countries
    Part 1 of this proposal led to the Policy Statement on National Representatives described in Item 6.
    Part 2 of this proposal addresses the role of the Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols. This issue is addressed by the proposal for an ad hoc Committee to study IUPAC's Strategy for Chemical Nomenclature.

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