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Albania joins IUPAC as ANAO

Following its creation and restructuring undertaken last year, the Society of Albanian Chemists (SAC), is the latest Associate National Adhering Organization (ANAO) to have joined IUPAC. SAC is also a member of the Federation of European Chemical Societies and an Associate Member of EURACHEM. Through all these memberships, Albanian scientists intend to actively participate in as many organized meetings, conferences and workshops as possible, in order to contribute more directly to their success. SAC is an ambitious society, with a growing desire for contemporary knowledge and modern experience.

The Society of Albanian Chemists is an active participant to associations and regional conferences such as the Balkan Environmental Association (BENA) and the International Conferences of the South-East Countries Societies of Chemists. Their activities includes:

  1. The study and identification of common or special environmental problems in Albania and suggestion of possible courses of action together with their economic effects.
  2. The integration of the common efforts of scientists, specialists, educators and industrial enterprises for the environment and its sustainable development between Albania, Balkan countries, European Union and other countries.

Generally, the state of the Albanian environment is poor, in contrast to the natural richness. Some important possible causes and triggers are a history of isolation, the legacy of central planning, level of production and price controls, transition economy, low income levels, high unemployment, weak institutions, and under-managed private sector.

In joining IUPAC, the Society hopes to learn from other member Organizations, share national and regional problems and experiences, and participate in the global debate on pure and applied chemistry in the 21st century.

For more information, contact:
Prof . Dr. Ilirjan Malollari
President of Society of Albanian Chemists
Tel/Fax: +355 4 226724
E-mail: imalo@usa.net

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