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Mexico and Uruguay join IUPAC as ANAO

Two new Associate National Adhering Organizations, from Mexico and Uruguay, became part of the IUPAC family in October 2001. The Sociedad Quimica de Mexico and the Chemistry Area of PEDECIBA (Programme for the Development of Basic Sciences) will join 18 other organizations that have ANAO status. By becoming ANAOs these two organizations provide a point of contact for the chemists in their countries and the global chemistry community represented by IUPAC. In addition, ANAOs can attend Council meetings as Observers and IUPAC-sponsored Conferences can be held in their countries. Many ANAOs represent communities of chemists that are too small to become full members of IUPAC but who still feel the need to be part of the global community of chemists. Other ANAOs are expected to eventually become IUPAC National Adhering Organizations.

> Sociedad Quimica de Mexico
> Chemistry Area of PEDECIBA (Uruguay)

IUPAC has made the recruitment of new Adhering Organizations a focus of its activities in the coming biennium. The Executive Committee at its meeting in Brisbane created a Membership Development Committee with Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki as Chairman. This Committee will actively recruit new members for IUPAC, especially in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The Union believes that it is important for as many of the world's chemists as possible to be a part of IUPAC.

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