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News & Notices

Minutes of 77th Meeting of Bureau
Paris, France, 14-15 September 2002

<download the 77th Bureau minutes - pdf file 187KB>


1. Introductory Remarks and Finalization of Agenda
2. Minutes of 75th and 76th Meetings of Bureau

2.1 Matters Arising from Minutes (not covered by Items on Agenda)

3. Minutes of 129th Meeting of Executive Committee

3.1 Receipt of Minutes by Bureau
3.2 Highlights and Questions about Items not on Bureau Agenda

4. Action Items from Previous Meetings
5. Divisions - Receipt of Written Reports
6. Standing Committees and Other Bodies Reporting to Council and Bureau - Receipt of Written Reports
7. Oral Reports

7.1 Inorganic Chemistry Division
7.2 Chemistry and Human Health Division
7.3 Analytical Chemistry Division

8. Scientific Projects, 2002

8.1 Current Projects
8.2 Report from Project Committee
8.3 Report from Evaluation Committee

9. Division Elections

9.1 Nomination and Election of Division Committees
9.2 Redefining the Division Electorate after 2003

10. Additional Items from Meeting of Division Presidents
11. Vice Presidential Critical Assessment
12. IUPAC-Industry Interaction

12.1 Reorganization of COCI

13. Strategic Plan

13.1 Biennial Report on IUPAC Activities, 2000-1
>View report
13.2 Strategic Plan, 2002-3 and its Implementation
>View Strategic Plan

14. Report of Treasurer and Finance Committee

14.1 Working Party on National Subscriptions and Related Financial Matters
14.1.1 Calculation of National Subscriptions Using Five Year Averages
14.1.2 Payment of Expenses for Council Delegates
14.1.3 Invoicing National Subscriptions in National Currencies
14.2 Accounts, Budgets, and Allocations
14.3 Long Term Accounts
14.3.1 Performance of Long Term Account
14.3.2 Investment Policy Statement Review
14.3.3 Reorganization of Funds and Fund Policy Statement
> View Policy Statements from the Finance Committee (posted 18 Oct 02)

15. General Assemblies and Congresses

15.1 41st General Assembly and 38th Congress (Brisbane, 2001) Final Report
15.2 42nd General Assembly and 39th Congress (Ottawa, 2003)
15.2.1 Arrangements
15.2.2 Scientific Program
> Link to GA03 info
15.2.3 Support for Young Scientists from Developing Countries
> View programs
15.3 43rd General Assembly and 40th Congress (Beijing, 2005)
15.4 44th General Assembly and 41st Congress - 2007

16. World Chemistry Leadership Meeting: Ottawa, 15 August 2003
> Link to WCLM 2003 info
17. Sponsorship of Conferences in Developing Countries
18. Report from Conference Policy Development Committee

18.1 IUPAC Visa Policy Statement

19. Publications

19.1 Status Report on Publications
19.2 Publication of IUPAC Reports in Journals Other than PAC
19.3 Plans for Special Issues in Pure and Applied Chemistry
19.4 Books

20. Reorganization of the Bureau: Proposal from Nordic NAOs
21. Scientific Developments and the Chemical Weapons Convention
22. Proposal to Create New Commission on Macromolecular Terminology
23. Future of the Joint IUPAC-IUBMB Biochemical Nomenclature Commission (JCBN)
24. Report from Transfermium Joint Working Party
25. Fellows and Affiliate Membership Programs
26. Status Report on IUPAC Secretariat
27. IUPAC Web Site and Other Publicity about The Union
28. IUPAC Prize for Young Scientists
29. UNESCO-IUPAC International Committee On Chemistry
30. Ratification of Sponsorship of Symposia
31. Ratification of Appointments to IUPAC Bodies
32. Dates and Place of Next Bureau Meeting
33. Any Other Business

Attendees: Prof. P. S. Steyn, Chairman, Prof. P. W. Atkins, Prof. C. Bai, Dr. E. D. Becker, Dr. C. F. Buxtorf, Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, Prof. R. G. Gilbert, Dr. A. Hayes, Dr. A. Kallner, Prof. W. Klein, Dr. A. D. McNaught, Dr. D. S. Moore, Prof. N. J. Moreau, Prof. O. M. Nefedov, Dr. P. M. Norling, Prof. H. Ohtaki, Dr. E. P. Przybylowicz, Prof. J. Ralston, Dr. G. M. Rosenblatt, Prof. G. M. Schneider, Dr. A. Smith, Prof. G. Somsen, Prof. R. F. T. Stepto, Prof. L. Sydnes, Prof. T. T. Tidwell, Dr. A. N. Wright
Guests: Prof. J. W. Lorimer (in part), Dr. F. Meyers
Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost, Executive Director

<download the 77th Bureau minutes - pdf file 187KB>

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