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Union Advisory Committee


The IUPAC Council [Ottawa, 16 August 2003] has established the Union Advisory Committee (UAC) as an ad hoc committee and has directed the Executive Committee to formalize the Composition and Terms of Reference, as follows:

Composition and Terms of Office
(i) The Union Advisory Committee is an ad hoc committee with one Member chosen by each National Adhering Organization.
(ii) The period of service of a Member shall be two years (initially for the period 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2005) subject to reappointment.
(iii) The President shall serve as chairman of the Committee.

Terms of Reference
(i) To provide advice to the Executive Committee on Union policy matters as requested, e.g., on the governance of the Union.
(ii) To bring to the attention of the Executive Committee matters of importance to be considered by the Officers, the Executive Committee, or other IUPAC bodies.
(iii) To serve as a principal two-way communication link between the Executive Committee and each National Adhering Organization, as well as the chemical community in the member country.
(iv) To meet at a General Assembly on the call of the Chairman but otherwise to conduct business primarily by e-mail, phone, and postal communication.

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Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes, IUPAC President 2004-05

Dr. Eduardo A. Castro, Argentina
Prof. John Ralston, Australia
Prof. Heinz Gamsjäger, Austria
Prof. Mesbahuddin Ahmad, Bangladesh
Prof. Paul De Bièvre, Belgium
Prof. Carol H. Collins, Brazil
Prof. Christo Balarew, Bulgaria
Dr. Linda Johnston, Canada
Dr. Galo Cardenas, Chile
Prof. Chenggen Feng, China/Beijing
Dr. Ling-Kang Liu, China/Taipei
Prof. Leo Klasinc, Croatia
Prof. Pavel Kratochvíl, Czech Republic
Prof. Sven E. Harnung, Denmark
Dr. Osama Kebir, Egypt
Prof. Risto S. Laitinen, Finland
Prof. J.-C. Bernier, France
Prof. L. F. Tietze, Germany
Prof. Michail Kazanis, Greece
Prof. George Horvai, Hungary
Dr. Jai Pal Mittal, India
Prof. Frank Hegarty, Ireland
Prof. Zeev Gross, Israel
Prof. Gianfranco Scorrano, Italy
Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki, Japan
Prof. Jin Soon Cha, Korea
Dr. Hamad M. J. Al-Matar, Kuwait
Dr. ir. I.P. Thonus, Netherlands
Prof. H. Kipton J. Powell , New Zealand
Prof. Nils-Arne Jentoft, Norway
Dr. Din Mohammad, Pakistan
Prof. Stanislaw Penczek, Poland
Prof. José Luís da Costa Lima, Portugal
to be named, Puerto Rico
Prof. Boris F. Myasoedov, Russia
Prof. Teodor Ast, Serbia and Montenegro
Dr. Dusan Berek, Slovakia
Prof. Venceslav Kaucic, Slovenia
Prof. John Bradley, South Africa
Prof. Pilar Goya, Spain
Dr. Anders Kallner, Sweden
Prof. Martin Quack, Switzerland
Prof. Namik K. Aras, Turkey
Dr. Simon Campbell, United Kingdom
Dr. Michael Jaffe, United States

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