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Pure Appl. Chem. 75(2-3), 235-249, 2003

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 75, Issue 2-3

Progress in fumagillin synthesis

W. Picoul, O. Bedel, A. Haudrechy, and Y. Langlois

Laboratoire de Synthèse des Substances Naturelles,Associé au CNRS, Université de Paris-Sud, F-91405 Orsay, France

Abstract: After a brief account of the syntheses previously described in literature, several approaches of the antiangiogenic sesquiterpene fumagillin are described. Particularly, a Claisen–Ireland ring-closing metathesis strategy allowed the stereoselective preparation of several advanced intermediates in the fumagillin synthesis.

*Pure Appl.Chem. 75, 141419 (2003). An issue of reviews and research papers based on lectures presented at the 23rd IUPAC International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Florence, Italy, 28 July 2 August 2002.

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