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    Ian J. Griffin, M. Fran Lynch, Keli M. Hawthorne and Steven A. Abrams
    Mineral homeostasis in young children consuming typical U.S. diets
    Michael E. Wieser, Norman Holden, Tyler B. Coplen, John K. Böhlke, Michael Berglund, Willi A. Brand, Paul De Bièvre, Manfred Gröning, Robert D. Loss, Juris Meija, Takafumi Hirata, Thomas Prohaska, Ronny Schoenberg, Glenda O’Connor, Thomas Walczyk, Shige Yoneda and Xiang‑Kun Zhu
    Atomic weights of the elements 2011 (IUPAC Technical Report)
    Mark F. Zaranyika and Courtie Mahamadi
    Departure from local thermal equilibrium during ICP-AES and FAES: Characterization in terms of collisional radiative recombination activation energy