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Macromolecular Division (IV)


Number: 410/19/89

Title: Nomenclature of Regular Single-Strand Organic Polymers (Revised Edition)

Coordinator(s): J. Kahovec and W.V. Metanomski

Remarks: Commission III.1, Chemical Abstracts Service

Completion Date: 2002 - project completed

The Commission's document, "Nomenclature of regular single-strand organic polymers (Rules 1975)" represented the first successful attempt at introducing structure-based nomenclature of regular organic polymers. In the course of its use, some drawbacks have become apparent, such as the incompleteness and inconsistency of seniority rules and the absence of definition of some concepts essential for the creation of a unique name of a polymer. The intended changes include rearrangement of the material, generalization of the basic rules, avoiding repetition of the same principles at various points, the use of graphical material as well as minor changes to the rules. Last but not least, current changes in organic-chemistry nomenclature rules will be taken into consideration while revising the document.

The document is now in its final stages. The Commission recommended a few minor changes and agreed that, once these have been made, the document be prepared for public review without further reference to the Commission.
A provisional document has been prepared and distributed for review. The public comment period will end 30 Apr 2000.

Project completed - IUPAC Recommendations 2002 published in Pure Appl. Chem. 74(10), pp. 1921-1956, 2002

Last update: 11 December 2002


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