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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)



Number: 630/26/97

Title: Oestrogenic Chemicals in the Environment

Coordinator: J. Lintelmann

Completion Date: 2002 - project completed

Strong evidence has been accumulating that humans and wildlife species have suffered adverse health consequences resulting from exposure to natural and anthropogenic substances called 'endocrine disruptors' exhibiting anti-estrogenic, androgenic or anti-androgenic characteristics. Exposition to this kind of substances has probably far-reaching consequences which will strongly influence future generations. The aims of this study are to review recent information about major endocrine disruptors including exposition data and soil and water routes, of anthropogenic and natural endocrine disrupters, highlighting the need for further action.

A Task Group of experts was formed to carry the project which is coordinated with the 'special PAC issue', undertaken by DCE in collaboration with ICSU. To date, recent publications and policy paper published by different national and international institutions were reviewed, summarizing recent information about relevant endocrine disruptors including exposition data and routes, and especially test systems for the assessment of endocrine activity.

A draft report was prepared and circulated for comments. After discussions at the IUPAC General Assembly (August 1999), a revised draft of the report is to be prepared that includes (~ 50 to 60 pages) the comments and additions suggested.

A preliminary draft has been submitted and final report is planned for publication in early 2002.

Project completed - IUPAC Technical Report published in Pure Appl. Chem. 75(5), 631-681, 2003.

Last Update: 21 May 2003


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