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Number: 2005-011-3-400

Title: Repeatability and reproducibility of sample preparation and analysis in high-temperature SEC

Task Group
Jerrie Vermeulen

Members: Nick Aust, Robert Brüll, T. Chang, Joachim Clauss, Benoit Ernst, Erik TF Gelade, Valérie Grumel, Albena Lederer, Dieter Lilge, Ines Mingozzi, Peter Montag, Espen Ommundsen, Greg Saunders, Colin LiPi Shan, Bo Song, Sigeru Takayama, Freddy van Damme, and Shiping Zhu

Standardization of the experimental conditions for the HT-SEC analysis of polyolefins. The particular emphasis shall be on the sample preparation with regard to dissolution temperature and time, the sample measurement with regard to column temperature and the column set, and with regard to the detection technique (RI, ELSD, Visco, LS). Although there is an ASTM method for the analysis of polyolefins by HT-SEC (ASTM D 6474), procedures for sample preparation are not addressed adequately. The application of different detectors in HT-GPC is not addressed at all.

Round robin tests on standard HDPE, standard PP, standard LLDPE, ultrahigh-MW PE

  1. step: measurements according to existing procedures in the different labs
  2. step: standardization of measurement and detection
  3. step: standardization of sample preparation



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