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Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (VIII)


Number: 2006-029-1-800

Title: Revision of "Principles of Chemical Nomenclature"

Task Group
G.J. Leigh

Members: N.G. Connelly, T. Damhus, H.B.F. Dixon, H. Favre, R. Hartshorn, S. Heller, M. Hess, A. Hutton, J. Kahovec, A.D. McNaught, G.P. Moss, E. Nordlander, and J. Nytrai

To produce a new version of the original book "
Principles of Chemical Nomenclature - A Guide to IUPAC Recommendations", in the light of nomenclature developments since its publication in 1998.
> view 1998 edition

The IUPAC colour books are currently in a state of revision, especially the inorganic Red Book (published 2005), the organic Blue Book (expected 2007; project 2001-043-1-800), and the macromolecular Purple Book (project 2002-048-1-400). The original book was aimed at pre-University and first-year University students and their teachers, and the new version will have a similar audience. However, it is intended to widen the scope a little, to include more biochemical nomenclature, more organometallic nomenclature, and some treatment of Preferred IUPAC Names (PINs; see both projects 2001-043-1-800 and 2006-038-1-800) and the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI).

G.J. Leigh will be general editor; a writer and reviewer will contribute to each main section - see assignment below. Much of the material and the format of the original version will be retained; this is a revision, not a rewriting.

Introductory chapters:
written by G.J. Leigh
reviewed by N.G. Connelly

written by R. Hartshorn
reviewed by T. Damhus

written by H. Favre
reviewed by J. Nytrai

written by A. Hutton
reviewed by E. Nordlander

written by M. Hess
reviewed by J. Kahovec

written by G.P. Moss
reviewed by H.B.F. Dixon

written by A.D. McNaught
reviewed by S. Heller


Last update: 4 January 2007


<project announcement published in Chem. Int. July/Aug 2007, p. 23>

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