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Number: 2007-004-1-400

Title: Guidelines for shear rheometer calibration and performance check

Task Group
Maximilian Rüllmann

Members: Diana Boos, Rüdiger Brummer, D. J. Dijkstra, Claus Gabriel, Ulrich A. Handge, Martin Laun, Marc Mangnus, and Wim Zoetelief

To elaborate simple techniques for calibration and performance check of rotational shear rheometers. To develop widely accepted guidelines both for "ordinary users" and "rheometry experts".

Although rheometers are usually specified for certain limits (minimum/maximum torque or angular speed), it is often difficult to judge if a rheometrical result is reliable or an artefact. In many cases there are even discrepancies between different rheometers in the same lab. In the project the challenges to produce reliable data will be described using experimental results. Efficient and sensitive test methods will be elaborated and recommendations for suitable reference materials will be given. Physical (shear heating or tool inertia,...) and chemical artefacts (sample ageing, thermal degradation,...) will be demonstrated and discussed. Recommendations for temperature calibration procedures will be elaborated. Aim of the project is to develop widely accepted guidelines for the performance check of shear rheometers and for their calibration. In part 1 of the project simpler rheometrical tests are in focus (viscosity function and dynamic moduli determination) - guidelines for "ordinary users" will be developed. In part 2 more complex measurement modes will be treated (creep/recovery tests, normal stresses, stress relaxation, transient phenomena) - guidelines for "experts" will be developed.


Last update: 19 June 2007

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