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Number: 2007-025-1-300

Title: Chemical issues in biomass burning in Sub-Saharan Africa

Task Group
: Liliana Mammino

Members: Geoffrey N. Kamau, Pietro Tundo, Teunis van Ree, and Mark F. Zaranyika

- To stimulate interactions, collaborations and networking on an issue that is of continental interest in Sub-Saharan Africa and that has environmental impact (including climate-related impact).
- To highlight the role of chemistry in environment-related issues.
- To serve as prototype for other projects/books focusing on issues of interest on a regional/continental scale.

Biomass burning is practiced extensively in many areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, producing gas and aerosol emissions, including greenhouse ones. The problem has been the object of studies from various points of view (environmental monitoring, impact on climate change, atmospheric chemistry, etc.).

The current proposal is motivated by the consideration that any attempt to addressing the problem needs to take into account an ensemble of aspects, most of them common to many countries, and needs to rely on appropriate dissemination of information, as a necessary condition for consent from the communities concerned.

The project envisages the preparation of a book with contributions from different (as many as possible) countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, along a pattern analogous to the series Green Chemistry in Africa, Green Chemistry in Latin America, etc., already endorsed by the Subcommittee on Green Chemistry. Contributions are expected to consider the chemical aspects of all the issues associated with biomass burning, from the impacts (on the environment, on crop production, etc.) to the possible addressing options (alternative utilizations of biomass).

The project is apt to underline the role of chemistry as the central science for the investigation and addressing of environmental problems and the significance of the interfaces between chemistry and the other investigation- areas involved. It can therefore also contribute to enhance the perception of the role of chemistry in investigating/addressing issues of general interest.

It is also envisaged that the project can be serve as a prototype for a series of books focusing on problems that are relevant for a continent or a subcontinent and that can be investigated, discussed and addressed from the point of view of Green Chemistry. The project also responds to the recommendations of a special focus on Africa (e.g., by ICSU).



Last update: 24 October 2007

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. 30(2) 2008>

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