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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 201, 2003, pp. 1-326

Mission and Challenges of Polymer Science and Technology (IUPAC PC2002)

Kyoto, (Japan)
December 2-5, 2002

Symposium Editors: Kazuyuki Horie and Akihiro Abe
Wiley-VCH, 2003, pp. 1-326
ISBN 3-527-30705-2


The IUPAC Polymer Conference on the Mission and Challenge of Polymer Science and Technology (IUPAC PC2002) was held as the first strategic symposium of the IUPAC Macromolecular Division (MMD) on December 2-5, 2002 at the Kyoto International Conference Hall, in order to determine the present status of polymer science and technology and clarify their mission and challenges in the future. The conference was planned as a part of the activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan, and cosponsored by IUPAC Macromolecular Division (MMD) and the Science Council of Japan.

The scientific program consisted of plenary lectures, 6 scientific oral and poster sessions, and a panel discussion summarizing the conference and discussing the role and activities of IUPAC MMD in the world polymer community. Six themes arranged from a strategic viewpoint for the conference were:

- Polymer Concepts in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
- Frontiers of Polymer Science
- Advanced and Emerging Polymer Technologies
- State of the Art in "Bio-Polymers"
- Polymers and the Environment
- Commodity Polymers and the World Economy

The conference was attended by 762 participants from 29 countries; 4 plenary and 41 invited lectures were presented. This volume contains invited lectures, which are published in the same order as they were presented in the original program of the conference. Plenary Lectures and a keynote article of the conference will be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry (Vol 74, No. 10), IUPAC.

K. Horie
A. Abe

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