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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 49, No. 12 (1977)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 49, Issue 12

IUPAC International Symposium on Techniques for the Retrieval of Chemical Information

IUPAC International Symposium on Techniques for the Retrieval of Chemical Information, London, U.K., 9-10 November 1976

A. K. Kent
p. 1779 [full text - pdf 20 kB]

The CAS data base
R. E. O'Dette
p. 1781 [full text - pdf 269 kB]

Capture, evaluation and storage of data - as seen by CODATA
N. Kurti
p. 1793 [full text - pdf 90 kB]

Manual methods for retrieving information in PASCAL file
D. Pelissier
p. 1797 [full text - pdf 186 kB]

The Index Chemicus Registry System - past, present and future
E. Garfield and M. Sim
p. 1803 [full text - pdf 78 kB]

Computer based systems for the retrieval of data: crystallography
O. Kennard, F. H. Allen, M. D. Brice, T. W. A. Hummelink, W. D. S. Motherwell, J. R. Rodgers and D. G. Watson
p. 1807 [full text - pdf 228 kB]

Storage and retrieval of mass spectral information
M. E. Hohn, M. J. Humberston and G. Eglinton
p. 1817 [full text - pdf 217 kB]

Computer-based systems for the retrieval of infrared spectral data
J.-T. Clerc and J. Zupan
p. 1827 [full text - pdf 231 kB]

Batch computer systems for retrieving chemical information from text files
M. K. Park
p. 1833 [full text - pdf 293 kB]

System for chemical retrieval
J. Ash and E. Hyde
p. 1845 [full text - pdf 169 kB]

IDC and its methods of operation
H. Grunewald
p. 1855 [full text - pdf 346 kB]

On-line retrieval systems and networks
A. Tomberg
p. 1871 [full text - pdf 326 kB]

A general review of chemical and other information systems of relevance to users of chemical information
A. W. Elias
p. 1889 [full text - pdf 180 kB]

Techniques for the retrieval of chemical information; dreams vs nightmares
F. A. Tate
p. 1897 [full text - pdf 99 kB]

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